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South Puget Sound (Olympia) New Horizons Band

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This page brings you links to sites, both serious and silly,
that are in some way related to our love of music and music-making.


New Horizons International Music Association THE meeting place for all New Horizons Music groups

April 2015 SPSNHB interview by John Dodge A video glimpse of our music and members

Santa Rosa NHB Our friend Lew Sbrana (guest conductor for our Olympia Band Camps in 2008 and 2011) presents a delightful "show and tell" about the New Horizons movement. Well worth watching!

New Horizons ReportAustralian Visitor Graham Sattler's 2011 report

NHB and Music Note Hat Knitting Patterns from Diane Sherman

Look and Listen!
MP3 Files of our Olympia New Horizons Band Camp Concert, July 2014.
(More info on the 2014 Band Camp page.)
March Grandioso
In a Gentle Rain
Magyar Keverek
Romany Life
A Walk in the Morning Sun
Old Comrades
Caribbean Rondo
The Wizard of Oz
The Roosters Lay Eggs in Kansas

US Navy Band facebook page ONHB trumpet player Don Bedlington's daughter, Eileen (below), was featured at the top of the United States Navy Band's facebook page on Memorial Day, 2012.

Don B's Daughter Eileen, USN Band 2012

West Virginia University Mountaineer Marching Band Armed Forces Veteran's Tribute recommended by R.B. Bernd

Contented Cows, or "Jazz for Cows" recommended by Harmon Eaton, Ed Armbrust and Dick Genske

"Dam Busters" Part of Olympia Band Camp 2011 performance

KBRD Radio on the Web 24/7 incredible collection of music from the first half of the 20th century

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This page last updated on April 21, 2015

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